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What is the Mirror

An Integrative and uncomfortable journaling practice.

Everyone gets triggered but we often don't take the time to figure out the root cause. The mirror is a PDF and Notion Template that guides you through a process supported by prompts to get clarity on your triggers. It helps you as a founder, friend, student, mum, dad, wife (or any other social role) to gain more self-awareness, stay emotionally grounded and resilient.

How does it work?

Click Duplicate on the top right to copy this page to your Notion workspace. Once duplicated, delete the explainer text and feel free to move around the database or database views.

The PDF is accessible at the bottom of the linked notion page that you will be redirected to after checkout.

If you want the full breakdown of how I created this practice and why it's effective then read the full blog post on the Paideia X Praxis Blog

Support and Updates

My friends and I actually have a process for building games and practices like this. Book a call with me if you'd like to be trained on how to do it.

Any questions just reach out on Twitter @Serjhunt_ARK

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