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10 AI super powers in 10 Days

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Unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence and supercharge your skills with our specially crafted course, '10 AI Super Powers in 10 Days'. This course is designed to empower you with practical knowledge of the most impactful AI tools and technologies in a matter of just 10 days.

Whether you are a professional aiming to upscale, a student exploring the exciting world of AI, or a hobbyist keen to engage with futuristic technologies, this course is perfect for you.

Every day, for ten days, you'll receive a bite-sized lesson that will guide you to acquire a new AI 'superpower' (you can skip forwards if you're feeling keen). These lessons are project-based, enabling you to learn by doing and ensuring the concepts stick.

We've identified the 10 lessons we believe will equip anyone with the AI skills that will save you 1000s of dollars, days of time and heaps of stress.

What's inside:

Day 0: What is chatGPT, AI and how to write great prompts Cheatsheet.

Superpower 1: Basics of chatGPT: Project automate email writing

Superpower 2: Automated document writing using the PREP framework. Draft any document! Marketing Strategies, Product Requirement Docs, Legal Contract

Superpower 3: Automation using Zapier to create workflows that work while you sleep: Project - When you receive a new email, get chatGPT automatically draft a response.

Superpower 4: Share Meeting Summaries follow up Todos using: Project - Summarise your next meeting and send the link to your team so they can catch up async.

Superpower 5: Generate company-branded Images using Dall.E 2 (Text-to-image)

Superpower 6: Share an interactive how-to-guide or SOP with your team and have AI generate the instructions: Project - record a walkthrough for customer onboarding, and SOP or a tool How-to-Guide

Superpower 7: Find insights in CSV data using a chatbot.

Superpower 8: Save 1000s of dollars on coaching and tutors. Build a Business Coach and 'Tutor for any subject' Mega Prompt

Superpower 9: Stop reading long documents. Learn faster and find insights in PDFs with chatbots.

Superpower 10: Advanced Image prompt framework to create beautiful images using Adobe Firefly.

Bonus Superpower 11: Generate many short-form social content from 1 long-form content using AI.

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10 AI super powers in 10 Days

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